It is no denying that one of the most annoying things about being sick is leaving the house to receive needed medical care, filling out the forms at the doctor’s office, and sitting in the waiting room while the doctor finishes with other patients when you would rather be at home getting rest to get better.

Thankfully, with services like telehealth, your doctor is only a call away. Whether you want to receive preventive care or treatment for your illness, with telehealth, your doctor is as close as your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Let’s take a look at what telehealth actually is, how it can help, and where you can avail of this service in NYC.

Telehealth: What Is It Actually?

Telehealth is a face-to-face online consulting session between patient and doctor, allowing patients to “visit” their doctor remotely via a computer or a smartphone. Telehealth includes everything, from seeing your doctor over the computer to being monitored by your doctor remotely.

Telehealthcare you can receive from your doctor has several options:

  • Live discussion with your doctor about your concern over the phone or video chat
  • Sending and receiving messages from your doctor using email, secure messaging, and secure file exchange
  • Remote monitoring in which your doctor can check on you (through a device) and inform you about your progress

Benefits of Telehealth

Telehealth is growing in popularity with each passing day due to its myriad benefits. Following are some of the benefits of telehealth that are by no means comprehensive:

  • More convenient and accessible medical care
  • Cost-effective care as it cuts down your travel cost, time off from work, and the need for a babysitter
  • A better way to receive preventive care
  • Better management of chronic illnesses
  • Increase patient satisfaction as a patient can readily get an answer to their questions

Telehealth Services from a Concierge Medicine Provider

Telehealth is even more beneficial when you receive it from a concierge medicine doctor.

Concierge medicine is a luxury form of medical care that allows patients to access their doctor at any time – whether day or night. With concierge telehealth, your calls are taken 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, meaning no worries about restrictions like holidays or after-hours.

Since concierge medicine doctors typically have a limited number of patients, you can get personal attention, even over a phone call.

That’s not it, but with concierge telehealth, your doctor can monitor your health remotely using various tracking devices, allowing you to feel more confident and in control.

Should there be any fluctuation in your day-to-day health data, a concierge medicine doctor guides you into healthy choices that work best for you?

Top Telehealth Services from Concierge Medicine Doctor in NYC

If you want to get ahead of preventive care, get personalized, efficient, and comprehensive care, or get a specialist referral, our skilled and experienced board-certified physician Dr. Tina Sindwani is just a phone call, message, or email away. Our doctor offers round-the-clock medical attention, emphasizes your unique needs, and takes a 360-degree approach to provide you with care.

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