Dr. Tina Sindwani, MD, New York-based practice, offers the opportunity to take your healthcare to the next level. Get the personalization, comprehensive, and efficient care your health deserves with our concierge medical care model.Led by female concierge doctor Tina Sindwani, our innovative approach provides highly adapted care with an emphasis on modern technology and patient-centered medical amenities.

Personalized Care

Dr. Sindwani’s practice is like no other in the area, offering a personalized approach to make any patient feel their medical care is the top priority. Finally, have an appointment that feels like a meeting with longer times allocated to discuss your health and lifestyle.

With years of experience and a vested interest in seeing everyone who enters their practice get the best possible outcome, there’s no doubt that patients will meet with confidence, comfort, and understanding from Dr. Sindwani and their staff.

Comprehensive Care

Dr. Sindwani is a leader in health care, with a comprehensive approach that takes the entire patient into account. She listens to their thoughts and feelings along with understanding their health history and lifestyle before customizing treatments to provide them with the best possible care. If your condition requires more specialized attention, Dr. Sindwani would give referrals to the root of your medical condition.

By putting her patients first and taking a holistic view of their overall mental, physical, and emotional condition, her unique approach has earned her notable reviews from current and former patients who have benefited from herone-of-a-kind practice. For those looking for the best in healthcare, Dr. Sindwani’s office is dedicated to providing you with superior treatment like no other.

Efficient Care

When it comes to finding the right healthcare provider, efficiency matters. From how quickly you can get an appointment to how fast you are seen in a timely fashion, Dr. Sindwani’s practice sets a standard that other providers should strive for.

Contacting her office is efficient and faster than most people expect from healthcare providers. Her round-the-clock medical attention is only a phone call, email, or message away. If you are looking for quality service and an efficient approach like no other, put your trust in Dr. Sindwani’s practice and get the care you need faster than you thought possible.

Concierge Internal Medicine in New York City

What’s most important is that you have a doctor who understands and empathizes with your unique needs as a woman – someone who takes a 360-degree approach to your care. If you are looking for concierge medicine near you, look no further than Dr. Tina Sindwani.Dr. Sindwani is a skilled and experienced board-certified physician offering luxurious concierge medical services to men and women in New York. If you’re interested in getting ahead of your preventive care, Dr. Sindwani is here to lend a helping hand.

To experience concierge health care tailored specifically for women, schedule a consultation today by filling in our convenient online appointment request form or contact our office at (646) 820-7101 to know.

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