Advancement in technology has allowed doctors to check patients’ health remotely, named remote patient monitoring.

Fitness trackers, which many of us wear each day, can provide doctors with a wealth of data, from calories burned and heart rate to blood oxygen levels. This information allows doctors to monitor their patient’s health metrics, workouts, and overall well-being.

Should there be any fluctuation in your health metrics, your doctor can take action right away to keep your health metrics under control and guide you into healthy choices.

With so many options available, choosing the right fitness tracker can prove daunting. Here we’ll talk about fitness trackers that a person can use or a doctor can recommend according to the patient’s unique needs.

Fitness Tracker for Overall Health

If you and your doctor want to keep an eye on your overall health and capture the flags, a tracker that can monitor your overall health metrics may be the best option for you.

A fitness tracker for overall health includes pretty much everything – from counting steps and monitoring heart rate to tracking your mood – that an average person needs to stay on top of their health.

If there is any fluctuation, such as irregular heart rhythm, you and your doctor will be notified.

Fitness Tracker for Exercise

Fitness trackers can be excellent tools for people who want to exercise regularly and track their progress. These devices allow users to monitor important exercise metrics, such as the number of steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and heart rate. With this information, individuals can set specific fitness goals and work toward achieving them.

Fitness trackers can also provide feedback on the intensity of a workout, enabling users to adjust their routines to optimize their training. By using a fitness tracker, individuals can stay motivated, monitor their progress, and achieve their fitness goals, leading to improved health and well-being.

Fitness Tracker for Sleep

A good quality night’s sleep is essential to boost your immunity, ward off unwanted illnesses, and improve your mental health and overall well-being.

While it may be surprising to you, a fitness tracker can maximize your restorative slumber night after night. Trackers that come packed with an impressive number of sensors can monitor sleep and ECG, sense skin temperature, and the percentage of oxygen in your blood.

Fitness Tracker for Women

Fitness trackers can be especially useful for women who want to monitor their health and fitness levels. These devices can help women keep track of their menstrual cycles, ovulation, and pregnancy. Some fitness trackers come with features like period tracking, fertility tracking, and pregnancy tracking, making it easier for women to plan their workouts and adjust their fitness goals accordingly.

Such trackers may help doctors make nutritional and healthcare choices for women.

Which Fitness Tracker is the Best?

The best fitness tracker for you is the one that not only increases your physical fitness but also offers additional features to follow your overall health and wellness. The fitness tracker should be able to give your doctor a better understanding of your overall health, leading to better accountability and more proactive actions.

Just the way your doctor can help you optimize your health; they can also help you choose a fitness tracker that is most suitable for your needs.

The fitness tracker that your internal medicine doctor may suggest you will:

  • Provide the doctor an insight into your current fitness habits
  • May help you achieve more steps
  • Help inspire small, achievable changes
  • Provide the doctor additional data for underlying health conditions, such as obesity, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD and arthritis
  • Help you become accountable during your fitness journey and boost your fitness results

Remote Patient Monitoring in New York City

If you are located in or around New York City and want to stay at the top of your health, visit our board-certified internal medicine doctor Dr. Tina Sindwani.

Dr. Sindwani offers luxurious concierge medical services to men and women to cater to their every medical need. She takes all the steps necessary to protect her patient’s health, which also involves using fitness trackers and other devices to identify possible health risks early on and take action to reduce their likelihood.

If you would like to schedule a meet and greet with our doctor, request an appointment using this online appointment request form. You can also learn about membership from our website.

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