Total body scans have become increasingly popular in recent years. They use advanced imaging technologies to take a look inside the body and detect early warning signs of diseases. Whole-body scans typically involve scanning the body from the chin to below the hip with X-ray computed tomography, a form of X-ray imaging that produces cross-sectional images, or magnetic resonance imaging.

If you are someone who is proactive about health and wellness, you may have come across the concept of total body scans, but do you really need a total body scan? What are the pros and cons of having a total body scan as a part of preventive care? Let’s find out.

Who Needs A Total Body Scan?

Generally, whole-body scans are not recommended as routine screening tests for the average person. However, there are certain instances in which a total body scan can benefit you.

The decision to have a total body scan is a collaborative one between you and your concierge medicine doctor. Your concierge medicine doctor will do a comprehensive assessment of your health history and risk factors to determine if you need a total body scan.

A total body scan can be recommended for:

IndividualsWho Are Proactive About Their Health

If you are proactive about your health, it is a good idea to consider undergoing a total body scan as a part of your preventive healthcare strategy. Total body scans provide insight into how well your bodily organs and tissues are working. It also helps detect diseases or abnormalities that may not be apparent through regular checkups.

By providing detailed and high-quality images, a total body scan can enable proactive individuals to gain additional information about their health status, which they can use to customize their health management plan, including lifestyle modifications, preventive measures, and targeted screening based on their specific health risks.

Detection of an abnormality or a sign of disease early can lead to more effective treatment options and better health outcomes.

People Who Are at Risk for Certain Diseases

Many people are at higher risk for developing life-threatening diseases or illnesses due to their genetic makeup and/or lifestyle choices compared to others. Such people can also choose total body scans to monitor their health more closely. Total body scans allow them to be proactive in managing their risks and taking appropriate measures to prevent diseases.

Total Body ScanPros

Having a total body scan as part of preventive care can offer numerous benefits, including:

Early Detection of Deadly Diseases

Total body scans can detect abnormalities in bodily structures and organs at an early stage. Early detection allows your doctor to provide prompt medical intervention and treatments for managing or preventing health conditions.

Peace of Mind

A total body scan is a valuable option for people who experience anxiety or worry about their health even in the absence of symptoms. The detailed pictures generated by a total body scan can provide such individuals reassurance by ruling out any major health concerns. This can also help alleviate their anxiety and provide them with peace of mind.

Comprehensive Assessment

Total body scans are a good resource for comprehensive evaluation of the torso and major organs of the body. It provides a detailed assessment of various organs (heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, and others) and systems of the body.

Total Body Scan Cons

It is important to consider the potential risks and limitations associated with total body scans. These include:

False-Positive Results

A total body scan can sometimes (although rare) indicate the presence of a condition or abnormality when there is none. This can lead to unnecessary additional testing anxiety.

Not All-Encompassing

A total body scan does not cover all health problems, such as diabetes and hypertension. It also is not a substitute for a Pap smear for cervical cancer screening, periodic mammography for breast cancer screening, a blood test for prostate cancer and diabetes screening, or bone densitometry for osteoporosis. While it is a great resource, it is not all-encompassing.

This is why total body scans must always be done in addition to routine appointments with a qualified primary care doctor, preferably a concierge doctor who is thorough in providing medical care and advice based on your overall health, age, symptoms, and medical history.

Total Body Scans in New York City

If you are someone who is at higher risk for certain diseases or is proactive about your health and is considering a total body scan, visit our concierge medicine doctor, Dr. Tina Sindwani, to determine if a total body scan is the right choice for you. Our concierge medicine doctor can conduct a thorough assessment to determine your suitability for a total body scan. She also offers genetic testing to diagnose your genetic health condition, confirm suspicious results from other tests, screen for disorders, and predict the response of your body to certain drugs.

To learn more about how you can take charge of your health and wellness, contact our concierge medicine doctor today. Make an appointment by filling out our appointment request form.

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